Monday, May 16, 2011

Lap Band

I am about 3 Weeks away from surgery and getting very nervous.  I have fought my weight all of my life and it has effected my health.  Up and down on diets, people criticizing what you eat, everyone tells you to "Just Excercise"   -  I wish all of those things were that easy.  I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive and 3 beautiful children who I want to be around for in the future.  I am excited to say that my surgery has been approved and it is scheduled for June 10.  I am very sad that I will be missing an annual Memorial Golf Tournament for one of our dear, dear friends that we lost, however I know he would tell me to get my butt in there and take care of myself. 

I want to play softball again, take a walk without hurting, buy clothes that look good and take a picture without dreading when it gets developed.  The picture on my blog is one of the pictures that my husband had us take as a family for Mothers Day.  I loved everything he went through to get us together and on a day away to the ocean for family pictures however I just dreaded them coming in, unfortunately digital makes this a much quicker process LOL.  I told him before you hang a family picture please give me a year to change how I look!  Well the journey will begin in 3 weeks. YIKES!! 

I feel like my biggest fight will be with myself because I love to cook and feed everyone!  Well here is to new beginnings and progress with better health! Any advise is appreciated and I appreciate all of the posts that not only help encourage but also symptoms to be prepared for after surgery.

Here is to a New Beginning and many more years with my Husband, Children, Friends & Family!!


  1. Hang in there Yvette! Don't be afraid! You have a wonderful wide network of family and friends to help you. And you will get through it with flying colors. You have what it takes to succeed in whatever you attempt. And I know from speaking to a dear friend of mine who had the same surgery, you will be encouraged daily by your progress. The weight will start melting away and you are going to look and feel so much better. I am so excited for you Yvette. I will be following your progress! Its going to be an exciting journey for you and the results are going to be incredible! Your friend, Judy

  2. Hello! I just found your blog...I'll be checking back in to see your progress. Check out my blog: