Monday, November 7, 2011

Progress YA!

The band was definately tight this weekend but it wasn't too bad!  I lost 4 lbs so that is great.  Water was even slow to go down but as the days went by it got much better.  I am very glad I did not go in on Friday and have some taken out!  I can deal I just have to chew, chew, chew and drink slower. 

Have a great week

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back at It!!

Hello everyone I know it has been a while.  The process has been discouraging lately. I am doing really good watching that I do not eat bread, pasta, rice etc and I have been walking about 3 nights a week but have had little weight loss progress.  I went back to the doctor yesterday and they were aggressive with my FILL!  Oh boy today and last night has been rough.  I tried to take my pills this morning that didn't work.  I am on my 48 hours of liquids which I can get down ok but I am really worried about how tight my band is.  I tried to chew a vitamin this morning and drink some water to get it down and it came right back up.  Can anyone give advise on how much I should tolerate with the tightness.  I do not mind drinking liquids and soft foods for a while I just worry I won't get enough of what I need such as vitamins, protein etc.


Tomato soup for lunch today was good!!!  Special K protein drink for breakfast!!!  I wonder what exciting I can do for lunch LOL. 

See you soon!