Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Difficult Weekend and Week So Far!!

Well of course I have discovered that I do not necessarily get full right now because my band has not yet had its first fill.  On Saturday we went to friends and I ate more than I should have and had a drink, yes V8 Splash and Vodka.  Didn't seem to effect me too much but I drank it pretty slow.  I also ate beans and snacked more than I should have.  I tried to keep it healthy but still should have stuck to my 3 meals a day and no snacks.  Well it seemed to cause me a 2 lb gain for Sunday morning, not sure why?  I didn't eat that much but I did get off of my normal routine.  Well today is Tuesday and when I weighed this morning I had lost about 1.8 of my 2 lbs.  I have 3 days before I weight on Friday so I hope to at least net a 1-2 lb loss for the week.

Anxious for my fill because I don't want to get off track, but I sure miss food when we are at gatherings.  Unfortunately I love to cook and love to eat LOL!  I did make a great dish that lasted me most of the week:

1 yellow onion - Chopped and sauteed with a small amount of Olive Oil
2 Tbls - Crushed garlic - sauteed with the onion
Add - 2 lbs of Ground Turkey
Saute all together until Turkey complete - Add Salt, Pepper to taste
Add 2 Cans of Stewed tomatoes - chopped fine
Add 5 Zucchini - Sliced in rounds

Let cook covered on stove until Zucchini is almost done and then turn stove off

I ate this for lunch and dinner the last few days and it had great flavor and made me feel like I had a special meal. 

Anyone have any advise to get ready for my first fill on July 6?  Love comments

Friday, June 24, 2011

Week #2 Down!!!!!

Hello Everyone!  Ok so week #2 seems to have rolled on by.  I lost 4 lbs WOOHOO!  Today I move off of my soft foods diet and onto Ground turkey/hamburger, fruits, vegetables.  Last night for my soft foods I took a can of fat free refried beans and mixed a small can of chile verde sauce in it to spice it up.  Took about 3/4 of a cup and topped it with a tsp of fat free sour cream it was yummy.  I have some for lunch today too!  Little nervous about starting larger foods, like veggies, but just have to remember to chew, chew, chew.  I have not had my first fill yet so the band doesn't seem to restrict too much.  Boiled Eggs was the only thing that seemed to get a little caught up in there. 

A friend has given me a treadmill so I am looking forward to excercising and losing some more.  I am trying to set a goal in my head of 2 lbs per week but I have an obsession on getting on the scale every day.  I think I just have a fear of failing since diets have failed so many times in the past.  My port surgery spot seems to be a little more sore the last few days, but I guess I just need to give it some time.  It has only been two weeks.

Well Two Weeks Down and am excited about the progress.  I was also very excited to talk to my best friend on the phone for an hour last night.  Somehow she just knows how to get me on the right path.  Sitting at home by myself just makes me want to eat for entertainment but talking on the phone diverted the path!YEAH -

Looking forward to this week, adding some new items in the meal plan.  Decaf Iced Tea seems to be keeping me hydrated and feeling like I have a treat! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Surgery Complete, First Week Complete

Hello Everyone,
Sorry but my internet at home was down for a week!  Surgery went well on the 10th.  My wonderful husband stayed with me in the hospital and never left my side for 4 days until he had to go back to work.  I made sure I was up the next day at 6 a.m. to walk and drink my broth and whatever else I had to do so I could go home!  The first week went pretty well.  Sore of course for the surgery, mostly the surgery site that the port is in but it will feel better I am sure.  Still uncomfortable not being able to sleep in my bed but the recliner is doing the trick.  I lost 12 pounds in the first week and went for my first doctors appt.  They moved me forward to the soft foods diet.  Very excited at least now the food tastes like something.  Applesauce, pudding, cottage cheese, soups, etc.  Next week we move on to vegetables and ground turkey.

My next appointment for my first fill is July 6.  Pretty nervous about that because even though I am not hungry I do not feel very restricted except for if I eat too fast.   Now I need to start excercising, I really can't wait for my clothes to fit differently.

Good day to everyone!  Thank goodness for my Husband, Family and Friends!!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pre-Op Appt.

Ok so off I went yesterday to Fresno for my Pre-Op appt.  Entertained by my son, Bailey, who joined me for the journey.  Blood work done, EKG done, Urine test done (wanted to make sure I wasnt pregnant! lord help me at 42), Pre-registered and ready to go.  Getting very scared now.  Try to keep my cool and keep myself busy!!!!!!  Leaving Thursday night and surgery Friday morning.  I sure am hoping and praying for great results.  I know I will have to work at it but I really don't want the weight loss to be so slow that I get discouraged.  Really wish I had someone to push me to walk at night and maybe bike ride (better buy a bike).  Biggest mistake was watching a Lap-band surgery on U-tube Yuk!

Well I probably wont be back on until after surgery but here's to moving forward!!!