Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Difficult Weekend and Week So Far!!

Well of course I have discovered that I do not necessarily get full right now because my band has not yet had its first fill.  On Saturday we went to friends and I ate more than I should have and had a drink, yes V8 Splash and Vodka.  Didn't seem to effect me too much but I drank it pretty slow.  I also ate beans and snacked more than I should have.  I tried to keep it healthy but still should have stuck to my 3 meals a day and no snacks.  Well it seemed to cause me a 2 lb gain for Sunday morning, not sure why?  I didn't eat that much but I did get off of my normal routine.  Well today is Tuesday and when I weighed this morning I had lost about 1.8 of my 2 lbs.  I have 3 days before I weight on Friday so I hope to at least net a 1-2 lb loss for the week.

Anxious for my fill because I don't want to get off track, but I sure miss food when we are at gatherings.  Unfortunately I love to cook and love to eat LOL!  I did make a great dish that lasted me most of the week:

1 yellow onion - Chopped and sauteed with a small amount of Olive Oil
2 Tbls - Crushed garlic - sauteed with the onion
Add - 2 lbs of Ground Turkey
Saute all together until Turkey complete - Add Salt, Pepper to taste
Add 2 Cans of Stewed tomatoes - chopped fine
Add 5 Zucchini - Sliced in rounds

Let cook covered on stove until Zucchini is almost done and then turn stove off

I ate this for lunch and dinner the last few days and it had great flavor and made me feel like I had a special meal. 

Anyone have any advise to get ready for my first fill on July 6?  Love comments


  1. From what I hear the first couple months are the hardest, because you are still hungry and your band isn't tight yet. It's good you recognized that you ate too much and then started making better choices. I had my first fill last week and I was so nervous! It wasn't bad at all! I didn't really even feel the needle at all.

  2. Well I think by documenting your successes and triumphs will only make you accountable to yourself. Try to stay away from beating yourself up, depressing yourself and wanting to emotionally eat. You are doing great! Thank you for your Blog. I really like following your successes!!!