Monday, June 20, 2011

Surgery Complete, First Week Complete

Hello Everyone,
Sorry but my internet at home was down for a week!  Surgery went well on the 10th.  My wonderful husband stayed with me in the hospital and never left my side for 4 days until he had to go back to work.  I made sure I was up the next day at 6 a.m. to walk and drink my broth and whatever else I had to do so I could go home!  The first week went pretty well.  Sore of course for the surgery, mostly the surgery site that the port is in but it will feel better I am sure.  Still uncomfortable not being able to sleep in my bed but the recliner is doing the trick.  I lost 12 pounds in the first week and went for my first doctors appt.  They moved me forward to the soft foods diet.  Very excited at least now the food tastes like something.  Applesauce, pudding, cottage cheese, soups, etc.  Next week we move on to vegetables and ground turkey.

My next appointment for my first fill is July 6.  Pretty nervous about that because even though I am not hungry I do not feel very restricted except for if I eat too fast.   Now I need to start excercising, I really can't wait for my clothes to fit differently.

Good day to everyone!  Thank goodness for my Husband, Family and Friends!!! 


  1. congrats on a first great week and your loss!

  2. Congrats on getting through the toughest part! Now the work really begins, but you will do great!