Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pre-Op Appt.

Ok so off I went yesterday to Fresno for my Pre-Op appt.  Entertained by my son, Bailey, who joined me for the journey.  Blood work done, EKG done, Urine test done (wanted to make sure I wasnt pregnant! lord help me at 42), Pre-registered and ready to go.  Getting very scared now.  Try to keep my cool and keep myself busy!!!!!!  Leaving Thursday night and surgery Friday morning.  I sure am hoping and praying for great results.  I know I will have to work at it but I really don't want the weight loss to be so slow that I get discouraged.  Really wish I had someone to push me to walk at night and maybe bike ride (better buy a bike).  Biggest mistake was watching a Lap-band surgery on U-tube Yuk!

Well I probably wont be back on until after surgery but here's to moving forward!!! 


  1. Good for you in getting all those tests/appts out of the way. I LOVED watching those youtube videos of lap bands being installed when I was pre-op...I knew exactly what I was getting into. Let us know how surgery goes.

  2. yay! you made it through all of the hoops, now you get to do your thang girl! My best advice is to stay on the blogs, follow lots of people who have different experiences and expectations with their bands- set REALISTIC goals for yourself and definitely remember to put your self first as often as needed. I hope you have a super speedy recovery and start piling up those losses :) I'll be thinking of you ((hugs))

  3. Good luck on your surgery. I was nervous about the pregnancy test lol. Just my luck I thought. Heres to us losing :)